Jack X Lily Puppies

May 18th, 2015 No comments

JACK X LILY Puppies are 4 weeks old now and doing great. See the pics below for markings.

Aspen Head

Aspen Left

Aspen Right

Boston Head

Boston Left

Boston Right

Brooklyn Head

Brooklyn Left

Brooklyn Right

Catalina Head

Catalina Left

Catalina Right

Charlotte Head

Charlotte Left

Charlotte Right

Cheyenne Head

Cheyenne Left

Cheyenne Right

Dayton Head

Dayton Left

Dayton Right

Raleigh Head

Raleigh Left

Raleigh Right

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Brittany Bird Dog Training

December 1st, 2014 No comments


There is nothing we love more than to watch a young dog get excited about birds and hunting!

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Luke X Lizzy Puppies

September 13th, 2014 No comments

The Luke and Lizzy litter turned out very nicely. All four puppies ended up being orange roan in color. The personalities were quite diverse. Cooper was the clear Alpha but Lexus was a close second and quite adventurous. Bentley was highly interested in people even from the beginning. Mercedes was not indifferent, just somewhere in the middle. Certainly all puppies showed confidence and an eagerness to please. They come when called (at 6 weeks) and love to play with my kids and their litter mates. We look forward to hearing how they grow and develop.

Ty X Sis Puppy Photos

September 13th, 2014 No comments
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Ty X Sis Puppies 1 Week Old

September 1st, 2014 No comments

Sis and Ty puppies are growing healthy and strong. They are all eating well and had their tails and dew claws done this past week. Looking forward for the opening of their eyes this coming week. We still have a couple of liver and white males available. Feel free to call or email for more info.

Liver Female – Belle – 1 Week Old

Liver Female – Rose – 1 Week Old

Liver Male – Bubba – 1 Week Old

Orange Male – Chevy – 1 Week Old

Liver Male – Cruze – 1 Week Old

Liver Male – Nova – 1 Week Old

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Puppy Time at Annabella Kennels

August 24th, 2014 2 comments

We had two separate litters of puppies this week. Ty X Sis puppies were born August 21st. Sis whelped six healthy puppies, 4 males and 2 females. Five of these Brittany puppies were white and liver with only one white and orange puppy. Next morning, Luke X Lizzy puppies were born. A small litter with only 2 male and 2 females. We are expecting a couple of them to be orange roan like their sire FC Light Em Up Luke.

Luke X Lizzy Puppies 2014

As always these puppies are loved by my staff of puppy helpers from day one. We feel like a family setting is perfect for raising well socialized puppies. My kids are discussing names for these four puppies pictured above.
They already named Sis’ puppies below. Rose, Belle, Chevy, Nova, Bubba and Cruze.

2014 Ty X Sis Pups

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Jack Working Quail

August 10th, 2014 No comments

I was able to get Jack on some live quail this week. He is really starting to turn the corner on his bird dog training. We love his personality so much we were hoping he would be a fine bird dog as well. We think he is going to make us a very nice stud dog and best of all a family dog. He absolutley loves the kids and is really quite calm with them. He is very strong in obedience and is extremely eager to please. We knew he would be a late bloomer but we didn’t dream he would turn out this nicely.


He is starting to point and hold a lot better and his nose is strong. He is a little soft on retrieving but I think it will come along with more birds. He likes quail and he retrieved two out of three for me. I sent him off to Montana for some wild bird work with pro trainer Jared Moss of BestGunDogs.com. Can’t wait to get him back home as pheasant season is fast approaching at the ranch where we work.


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Annie Turns One

March 23rd, 2014 No comments

Annie Points 1 year old

We are really pleased with our young female Annie. She came to us from Carter Brittany Kennels in Georgia. She just had a birthday and we celebrated by releasing some quail. She is doing really well on her bird work. She has a lot of drive and a really fun personality. She is quickly becoming one of the favorites with the kids. Annie has a really nice pedigree and we are looking forward to seeing her puppies next year. She spent some time with pro trainer Ben Garcia this fall and wasn’t quite ready for field trials.

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Brittany Stud Dog Search

November 29th, 2013 No comments


We have been wanting to get our own stud dog for a long time. The trick is in the selection of the very best specimen. There are a lot of things that have to go right for us to keep and then breed a stud dog. Currently we are watching these two young males as they grow and develop. Above is “Doc” out of our Tucker and Lizzy litter. He is liver roan and on the large side for a Brittany. He has a good nose and loves to hunt, however he is a bit hard headed. He is 7 months old right now.


Above is a dog we got from Jessica Carlson. He is a tri-color Brittany out of DC Kinwashkly Dirty Ned Pepper and DC Shadow’s Tequila Tryst. We call him “Jack”. He has turned on quite a bit in the last few weeks. He is currently seven and a half months old. He is good with kids and quite a bit softer temperament than Doc. Both are doing well on birds and obedience.

In the past we have mostly used outside stud dogs traveling to neighboring states with our females in tow. We feel strongly that selecting the right stud dog is crucial in breeding top quality brittany puppies. See our goals for breeding page to learn more about what we strive to produce. Developing our own stud dogs will help us better to achieve our goals.

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6 Week Puppies in the Fall

October 19th, 2013 6 comments

We had a great weekend at the ranch with the fall colors and lots of puppies and kids to play with. The puppies had a ball playing on the lawn and getting spoiled by the kids. The puppies all had a clean bill of health from their vet checkup and their 6 week shots are done. UPDATE: All of these puppies are sold and have gone to their new homes.
Eleven Puppies need Eleven Kids
Eleven Puppies need Eleven Kids
2013-10-17-Brittany Puppy Deb
2013-10-17-Deb2 Brittany Puppy
2013-10-17-Deb2 Brittany Puppy
2013-10-17-Deb3 Brittany Puppy
2013-10-17 Kip – Male Brittany Puppy
2013-10-17 Kip 2 – Male Brittany Puppy
2013-10-17 Kip 3 – Male Brittany Puppy
2013-10-17 LaFawnda – Female Brittany Puppy
2013-10-17 LaFawnda 2 – Female Brittany Puppy
2013-10-17 Lafawnda 3 – Female Brittany Puppy
2013-10-17 Lyle – Male Brittany Puppy
2013-10-17 Lyle 2 – Male Brittany Puppy
2013-10-17 Lyle 3 – Male Brittany Puppy
Napolean – Male Brittany Puppy
Napolean 2 – Male Brittany Puppy
Napolean 3 – Male Brittany Puppy
Pedro – Male Brittany Puppy
Pedro 2 – Male Brittany Puppy
Pedro 3 – Male Brittany Puppy
Rex – Male Brittany Puppy
Rex 2 – Male Brittany Puppy
Rex 3 – Male Brittany Puppy
Rico – Male Brittany Puppy
Rico 2 – Male Brittany Puppy
Rico 3 – Male Brittany Puppy
Starla – Female Brittany Puppy
Starla 2 – Female Brittany Puppy
Starla 3 – Female Brittany Puppy
Summer – Female Brittany Puppy
Summer 2 – Female Brittany Puppy
Summer 3 – Female Brittany Puppy
Tina – Female Brittany Puppy
Tina 2 – Female Brittany Puppy
Tina 3 – Female Brittany Puppy

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