Annie Turns One

March 23rd, 2014 No comments

Annie Points 1 year old

We are really pleased with our young female Annie. She came to us from Carter Brittany Kennels in Georgia. She just had a birthday and we celebrated by releasing some quail. She is doing really well on her bird work. She has a lot of drive and a really fun personality. She is quickly becoming one of the favorites with the kids. Annie has a really nice pedigree and we are looking forward to seeing her puppies next year. She spent some time with pro trainer Ben Garcia this fall and wasn’t quite ready for field trials.

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Brittany Stud Dog Search

November 29th, 2013 No comments


We have been wanting to get our own stud dog for a long time. The trick is in the selection of the very best specimen. There are a lot of things that have to go right for us to keep and then breed a stud dog. Currently we are watching these two young males as they grow and develop. Above is “Doc” out of our Tucker and Lizzy litter. He is liver roan and on the large side for a Brittany. He has a good nose and loves to hunt, however he is a bit hard headed. He is 7 months old right now.


Above is a dog we got from Jessica Carlson. He is a tri-color Brittany out of DC Kinwashkly Dirty Ned Pepper and DC Shadow’s Tequila Tryst. We call him “Jack”. He has turned on quite a bit in the last few weeks. He is currently seven and a half months old. He is good with kids and quite a bit softer temperament than Doc. Both are doing well on birds and obedience.

In the past we have mostly used outside stud dogs traveling to neighboring states with our females in tow. We feel strongly that selecting the right stud dog is crucial in breeding top quality brittany puppies. See our goals for breeding page to learn more about what we strive to produce. Developing our own stud dogs will help us better to achieve our goals.

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Wait a minute. That’s not a Brittany?

November 17th, 2013 1 comment

Meg - 8 week old AKC ABCA Border Collie

We are so excited to welcome our new ranch dog and family pet “Meg”. We did quite a bit of research while looking for a great dog to help us on the ranch. We had met a few Border Collies and found them to be quite likeable. They have the intelligence that we have come to expect and appreciate. We especially wanted a dog that could be exclusively for the kids as a companion and shepherd. Living on 1200 acres presents some new challenges and chores. One of those is keeping our children safe and sound. The kids love to play and romp in the woods, but with mountain lions and coyotes as neighbors we felt like a working dog would be a great fit.

We tried it for a few weeks with the Brittany dogs, but they have too much desire to eat the gamebirds and poultry that we raise here on the ranch. After a few unfortunate incidents we decided to find a pet with not so much prey drive. Our Brittany dogs still get to guide pheasant hunts and do what they love, but they don’t roam free. With all the open space we feel like we still have one of the greatest places and situations to raise bird dogs. We are hoping Meg can even help herd and catch pheasants as we have seen others do with Border Collies. If nothing else, the kids are excited to get a puppy that can be all their own. Dad hogs all the Brittany dogs for himself.

Meg is coming to us from a fine breeder in Michigan. We have found Melissa at Haven Creek Farm to be great to work with. We will post more pics when Meg arrives via Delta airlines this week.

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6 Week Puppies in the Fall

October 19th, 2013 6 comments

We had a great weekend at the ranch with the fall colors and lots of puppies and kids to play with. The puppies had a ball playing on the lawn and getting spoiled by the kids. The puppies all had a clean bill of health from their vet checkup and their 6 week shots are done. UPDATE: All of these puppies are sold and have gone to their new homes.
Eleven Puppies need Eleven Kids
Eleven Puppies need Eleven Kids
2013-10-17-Brittany Puppy Deb
2013-10-17-Deb2 Brittany Puppy
2013-10-17-Deb2 Brittany Puppy
2013-10-17-Deb3 Brittany Puppy
2013-10-17 Kip – Male Brittany Puppy
2013-10-17 Kip 2 – Male Brittany Puppy
2013-10-17 Kip 3 – Male Brittany Puppy
2013-10-17 LaFawnda – Female Brittany Puppy
2013-10-17 LaFawnda 2 – Female Brittany Puppy
2013-10-17 Lafawnda 3 – Female Brittany Puppy
2013-10-17 Lyle – Male Brittany Puppy
2013-10-17 Lyle 2 – Male Brittany Puppy
2013-10-17 Lyle 3 – Male Brittany Puppy
Napolean – Male Brittany Puppy
Napolean 2 – Male Brittany Puppy
Napolean 3 – Male Brittany Puppy
Pedro – Male Brittany Puppy
Pedro 2 – Male Brittany Puppy
Pedro 3 – Male Brittany Puppy
Rex – Male Brittany Puppy
Rex 2 – Male Brittany Puppy
Rex 3 – Male Brittany Puppy
Rico – Male Brittany Puppy
Rico 2 – Male Brittany Puppy
Rico 3 – Male Brittany Puppy
Starla – Female Brittany Puppy
Starla 2 – Female Brittany Puppy
Starla 3 – Female Brittany Puppy
Summer – Female Brittany Puppy
Summer 2 – Female Brittany Puppy
Summer 3 – Female Brittany Puppy
Tina – Female Brittany Puppy
Tina 2 – Female Brittany Puppy
Tina 3 – Female Brittany Puppy

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5 Week Old AKC Brittany Puppies

October 13th, 2013 No comments

Lucy’s puppies are growing so fast. We are loving how many are turning out to be roans. This week we will get their six week shots and a wellness visit at the vet. They are all eating kibble and getting fatter every day. They had their first bath today.

Deb 5 weeks old - Orange Roan
Deb 5 weeks old – Orange Roan

Kip 5 weeks old - Orange Roan
Kip 5 weeks old – Liver Roan Brittany

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Lucy Puppies 3 Weeks Old

September 29th, 2013 1 comment

This litter of puppies is the Napolean Dynamite litter. My kids choose a theme for each of the litters and these are all Napolean Dynamite puppy name. The puppies are 3 weeks old and starting to wrestle and play around. They are growing so fast. So far, Napolean is the smallest puppy in the litter.

Deb 3 wks
AKC Brittany Female – Deb 3 weeks old

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Lucy Puppies Born 9-5-13

September 8th, 2013 9 comments

Brittany puppies eyes open and walking

Update: The puppies are up and walking now and getting to play outside a few days each week. Their eyes are open and they are alert and starting to venture about the yard. It looks like eight out of eleven puppies are going to be roan.

Lucy had a beautiful litter of healthy puppies this week. Eleven puppies were whelped 5 females and 6 males. Two of each were liver and white. My kids chose “Napolean Dynamite” for the theme for this litter. So far, all the puppies are doing well and eating good. There should be a good bunch of roan puppies in this litter. We should be able to tell in a week or two.

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Doc Pointing Birds

August 28th, 2013 No comments

Doc Retrieves To Hand

Our liver roan male puppy we kept from the Lizzy X Tucker litter is really turning out nicely. He loves his birds and is starting to point a little better. He has a really soft mouth and loves to retrieve birds. We love his roan coloring and most of all his chipper personality. He is very smart and catches on fast when learning new things. We are sending him off for a month or two of professional bird dog training. We have high hopes for this young pup.

Doc Points Quail

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Annabella’s Penelope Cruisin

August 18th, 2013 No comments

Penny Running

We have been hunting for some more dogs out of direct daughters of NFC Shambo’s Dark Shadow. Penny is the result of a lot of searching and phone calls. She was bred by a gentleman in Kansas who owns one of the last Shadow females. We drove the 18 hours to pick her from the litter. She is quite the energetic little puppy so far and she loves her birds. We are excited to see how she progresses in her bird dog training. If she has all the right stuff she will be a big part of our breeding program down the road.

Penny Quail Retrieve

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Annie Oakley Update

August 12th, 2013 No comments

Annie Running Big

Annie has been such a fun puppy so far. She is nearly 6 months old now. Seems like we just got her off the plane. She absolutely loves birds and she covers a lot of ground. She moves well and hunts objectives like a pro. She pointed this quail nicely after chasing and bumping a few then figuring out she was not going to catch one. We are hoping to get her into some field trials this fall so she can earn her puppy points. She is definitely going to be one to watch.

Annie Quail Point

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