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Sue X Luke Litter Whelped

November 30th, 2010 No comments
Sue X Luke Brittany Puppies - 10 days Old The puppies finally arrived on Friday November 19th. There were 5 healthy puppies born and only one male. Two of the females are white/orange while the other two female brittany pups are liver and white. Currently we have only one white/orange female available. The first puppy opened her eyes today at 10 days old, a liver/white puppy we call May. Sue X Luke Puppies - May Eyes Open
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Building the new Kennels

November 10th, 2010 No comments
New Kennel Slab The weather was a little cold for pouring concrete, but we got it finished and ready to use before the first snows came almost a week later. The dogs appreciate the new dog kennel with the insulated shelter from the cold winter months. The next project is to get power and water to the kennels. Both are close by will have to wait until spring when we can do some trenching. Warm Winter Kennels
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