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Early Puppy Socialization

November 29th, 2011 No comments
2wk Puppies Morgan KinnyOne of the things we are proud about is that our brittany puppies are extremely well socialized. They are handled daily from their first hours of life and this makes a big difference. A well socialized puppy is a puppy that is ready for anything. By the time our puppies go home at 7-8 weeks old they have been introduced to many new things. We take them on walks, they meet horses, cats, other dogs, people, mud, water, birds, noises, bugs, bikes, etc... We take them for rides in the car. We get them used to a collar and a leash, loading into a dog crate. More time with kids and meeting strangers, playing with them and retrieving toys. The results? You get a well-adjusted brittany puppy that is ready for anything. A confident puppy that is ready to learn and grow with you. An Annabella Brittany Puppy.

Hunter goes home to Alberta, Canada

November 21st, 2011 No comments
Brittany Puppy Hunter Home In Alberta, Canada You just never know where Annabella Brittany puppies are going to end up. Hunter was the only male in a litter between Buster and Sadie. He has found an excellent home in Canada with a lot of room to roam. I took a little road trip to meet the new owners in Idaho for the exchange. We are always so happy to find just the perfect homes for our brittany puppies. A short note from his new family.
"Hunter is already twice the size he was when i picked him up, he grows fast. He got his shots up dated yesterday and did not care much for it. Thank you again for him we all just love him to death. My husband Karl started running with him, he has a ton of energy. He already runs about 8 kms before he starts to tucker out. Thanks again we will send you some more pictures again if you like."

Bella’s First Pheasant Hunt

November 18th, 2011 No comments
Bellas First Pheasant Hunt We love to hear how our puppies are growing and developing into great bird dogs and family companions. We received this photo this week from some folks that bought a female from Annie and Buster's first litter. The name their puppy "Bella" and have spoiled her rotten I am sure. She is turning out to be a great hunting partner for Michael. Pictured above is a recent pheasant hunt. Mike says..
She pointed and retreived 5 for 6 today. The last one was a runner and she got him up in front of my son, he shot it and found her with the rooster pinned to the ground with both front feet. Off to Northeastern Colo. tommorrow. Regards, Mike

Training Dogs in Groups

November 12th, 2011 No comments
Jon Lizzy Point Sadie Backs There is a famous brittany man named Ben O Williams in Montana who is know for running several dogs at a time. He not only trains like this but he often hunts his dogs in a similar fashion. He feels like they can learn much from each other and learn faster too. He doesn't mind if they make mistakes and blow some birds. The idea is that they learn quickly to honor and back or there will be no birds in the bag (ie: no birds to retrieve). Lately I have been running two dogs at a time when I go training or hunting. I wanted to try it out for myself and like Ben, I just love to watch the dogs work. The more the better. My dogs seem to be learning to back and honor points a lot better. Sure we have had a few covey flushes and birds blown, but it has been worth it. I try to mix up the tandem each time as well. Sometimes two dogs of a similar age, but more often I pair an older more experienced dog with a younger inexperienced dog. Try it out if you have more than one dog, you will find it quite enjoyable.

Sis Wins First Place

November 1st, 2011 1 comment
Sis First Place Our young female brittany "Sis" brought home a first place ribbon at her latest field trial. She just turned a year old and is training and competing with Ben Garcia in Colorado. We are so proud of her blue ribbon since she just started field trialing. Her littermate Tucker is also winning some puppy stakes. Last week Tucker had a second place and Sis took home a third place ribbon. These two field trial dogs are out of our Sue X Luke breeding and we are really liking what we are seeing out of their first litter. We hope to breed Sue again this fall for some more field trial competition puppies.
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