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Standing his Birds

February 27th, 2012 No comments
Bandit Standing his Birds Bandit is coming along nicely in his bird dog training. For the first month or two I was planting birds for him and letting him flush and chase birds. Now he is a little older and I am making him stand his birds. As soon as he establishes point I do not let him advance any closer to the bird. If he moves, I pick him up and bring him back to the location of the original point. This really helps in teaching him that he is not allowed to break until I give the release command. When he is standing his birds I make a point to walk out in front of him a little more each time. Now I am able to walk around in front of him and even kick the brush a little bit. I usually have a friend help with holding him as I advance further and further to the front. If he moves or takes a step he goes back to the location of the first point. When I do flush the bird, I make him remain in place and watch the bird fly away. We have started adding in the firing of the blank pistol from some distance. The point being that the birds flushes, and then a shot is fired. Setting up the positive association of gun fire equals birds.
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