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Dave Walker Bird Dog Training Seminar

February 18th, 2013 No comments
Jon at Dave Walker Training Camp Dave Walker is one of my bird dog training heroes. We have had the pleasure of hosting his bird dog training seminars in our area for the past several years. He is one of the most successful pro trainers and field trial competitors still alive today. He has that uncanny ability to read a dog's body language and understand what they are thinking. This puts him head and shoulders above the rest as I think reading a dog is the most important skill to acquire in bird dog training. You have to know when to back off, or when the dog is ready to kick it up one notch. Dave Walker can do it, flawlessly. Join us this summer for our 2013 Utah Bird Dog Training Camp. Dave Walker will grace us with two solid days of bird dog instruction and hands on classes. Dave Walker uses live birds in his training and prefers to work with you (the handler) and your dog as a team. He will save you a lot of time and trouble and can even help your through those training trouble spots. He will be going over steady to wing and shot, force fetching, backing and honoring, and introduction to birds and gun. This seminar is for all ages and skill levels, puppies to finished dogs. Don't miss out on this chance. Click for more details about the 2013 Dave Walker Bird Dog Seminar.

White and Liver Brittany Puppies

February 9th, 2013 1 comment
White and Liver Female Brittany Puppy We love to see our Brittany puppies point at an early age. It is important to us that our puppies have the hunting genetics. We realize that most of our puppies go to homes where they are a companion first and a hunting dog second. Part of our 8 week training program with puppies is to introduce them to birds and basic retrieving. If they will point and retrieve as an 8 week old puppy, then training is going to be a lot easier later on. This is a white and liver female Brittany puppy that we sold to some folks in Georgia. She did really well on her first experience with live birds. The scenting conditions were not ideal but this puppy still knew how to act. I would have liked to see her tail up a little higher, but sometimes that comes as they become more familiar with birds. We use pigeons or quail for the live bird introduction.
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