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Brittany Puppies and Bobwhite Quail

April 23rd, 2013 No comments
Brittany Puppy Quail Introduction Bobwhite quail are one of my favorite birds to use with young Brittany puppies. Their small size make them a great choice for bird introduction. They also make a great bird noise and they prefer to run away from dogs. The chirping call and the running make bold puppies that want to chase. The idea with young Brittany puppies (8-12 weeks) is to build their confidence and encourage prey drive around live birds. This is something you just cannot accomplish with a wing on a string. We typically introduce our young puppies to live birds around 7-8 weeks of old. We have tried it at 5-6 weeks but it seems a bit early and the results were not conclusive. We use the exercise as a way to assess the litter and which puppies have the most bird interest. Although this is not a cut and dry indication of birdiness, it can be a great early indicator of standouts in the litter. Getting the right puppy to the right home is crucial to the success of our kennel. We try to get bird dogs to hunting homes, and people dogs go pet homes.
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Sis X Ty Brittany Puppies

April 8th, 2013 3 comments
Sis X Ty puppies were whelped on March 24th. Sis had a small litter of only 4 puppies. The upside is they are very healthy and well fed. There are 3 females and 1 male brittany puppy. Only one of them was liver/white (a female puppy) and the rest orange and white. Check back here to watch these puppies grow. YouTube Videos Note: These Puppies are all SOLD.
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Lucy Joins Annabella Kennels

April 5th, 2013 No comments
Brittany Female - Gun A Chukka Lucy We were able to acquire this new brittany female to add to our breeding program. Lucy comes from Idaho and boasts some of Dave Walker's top bloodlines including Chubasco II, DC Chick's Blaze'n Sawtooth Sam and NFC/AFC Hi Proof Rum Runner. She has a fine coat and a very nice temperament. We took her out to pro trainer Ben Garcia in Colorado to continue her gun dog training. She will get her OFA certifications and if all goes well we will have some puppies in the fall.
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Sue Puppy Pointing Strong

April 3rd, 2013 No comments
Sue X Luke Brittany Puppy 2012 This is a puppy from last year's Sue X Luke brittany litter. She is being trained by Ben Garcia of in Colorado. This puppy is doing well in her bird dog training and loves to point birds. Her owners live close enough to Ben's training grounds that they can participate in Saturday training sessions. Ben likes to start his bird dog training when the puppy is 6 months old. The typical training process starts with a 3 month session working on pointing, retrieving and obedience. After that Ben likes the puppies to go home for a hunting season then come back next summer for advanced training. I think the system works well if you can stand to have your puppy gone for a few months. Proper training can make all the difference.
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