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Annabella’s Doc Holliday

July 17th, 2013 No comments
Brittany Male - Doc First Point 6wks Doc was the standout puppy from our recent Lizzy X Tucker brittany litter. He has shown great bird drive and pointing instincts. He did very well on his bird introduction at the training grounds and was always searching the perimeter for more birds. We like his looks and his personality. He is going to be a heavy liver roan color like his sire Tucker. He is calm and easy going around the house and good with the kids. But, he shows a ton of drive in the field. Doc Bird Intro 6wks - Liver Roan Brittany Puppy In the litter photos he was known as PigPen and since we decided to keep him we have renamed him Doc. His official registered name will be Annabella's Doc Holliday after the famous gunslinger in the old wild west. We look forward to watching Doc grow and develop as he continues his bird dog training.

Annie Oakley – Quail Introduction

July 11th, 2013 No comments
Annies First Quail Retrieve Annabella's Annie Oakley is doing really well with her bird dog training. She is a fine brittany female and we are having a blast with her training. She loves birds and had her first bobwhite quail exposure this week. Annie has a good nose and is showing great signs of intelligence in her search patterns. She covers a lot of ground and hunts objectives. We feel that frequent and early bird exposure is crucial to raising good bird dogs.

Brittany Puppies in Colorado

July 2nd, 2013 2 comments
Brittany Puppy Charlie and owner Ray - Doc and Jon We took Charlie to meat his new family today in Colorado. We feel great about the home that Charlie will be raised in. I took Doc along for the ride as a puppy travel companion with Charlie. Puppies first few days without their littermates can be a little stressful so we do all we can to minimize the stress. For the 3 hour drive to Grand Junction I thought a travel partner would be best. They both did well and slept the whole trip except for a potty stop. Charlie will be taking up residence with his new family in Hygiene, Colorado.
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