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Family Brittany Comapnions

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Brittany companion Dogs

Annabella Kennels

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American BrittanyAnnabella Kennels is a full-time gun dog training and breeding facility! We pride ourselves in breeding upland hunting dogs who excel in the field and also make great companions .Our breeding program has been built on decades of research and by traveling the United States from coast to coast, hand picking dogs that would continually produce true to form. We focus on breeding puppies who are focused, intelligent, willing to please, easy to train at home or in the field, naturally point and retrieve, and are great companions. Our dogs can sit and watch the game by the fire on Friday evening and put game in the bag Saturday morning. They are bred to be a loving companion to all in the family including children. We have a very high standard for our dogs to live up to. With each litter we look to improve the breed and help individuals find their next hunting companion. We continually compare our breeding to others across the country as we have the opportunity to train many dogs each year. We strive to provide you the best fit for you and your family. If you are looking for a Field test dog, a hunting companion dog, a dog who can keep up with you on your long runs, or one who can make a great family pet, we will take the time to help you find the right dog for your living situation. This is our passion, this is our life, this is our family. Our dogs are part of our family and very much who we are. Give us a call to discuss what your needs are what dog would make a great addition to your family.

Raising Brittany puppies

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Brittany Puppies

Brittany Puppies

Between 3 and 4 weeks the puppies will have their teeth coming in enough to start eating solid foods. At first I add a cup of hot water to make a kind of mush with out of their high protein puppy food. I am always amazed at how they know just what to do. The only problem is they seem to eat with both front paws in the food dish. This can be a very messy part of raising puppies but it is fun to watch. They are getting around pretty good and starting to venture out of the whelping box during the day. Now that the pups are starting to eat they begin to poop and momma quits cleaning up after them. I line the whelping box with newspapers and change them out daily, if not more often.

Building the new Kennels

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New Kennel Slab The weather was a little cold for pouring concrete, but we got it finished and ready to use before the first snows came almost a week later. The dogs appreciate the new dog kennel with the insulated shelter from the cold winter months. The next project is to get power and water to the kennels. Both are close by will have to wait until spring when we can do some trenching. Warm Winter Kennels
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Annabella Kennels has Moved

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East Zion National Park - North Fork Road On October 1st we moved our kennels and our family to the spectacular Clear Creek Ranch to start a new pheasant preserve. The ranch is located in Southern Utah just 3 miles East of Zion National Park. We look forward to the expansion of our kennels and training program for the future of high class american brittany puppies and started dogs. We will also be running the new Zion Park Bed and Breakfast. Here is a typical sunset on the ranch. North Fork Pheasant Preserve Sunset
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