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6 Week Puppies in the Fall

October 19th, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments
We had a great weekend at the ranch with the fall colors and lots of puppies and kids to play with. The puppies had a ball playing on the lawn and getting spoiled by the kids. The puppies all had a clean bill of health from their vet checkup and their 6 week shots are done. UPDATE: All of these puppies are sold and have gone to their new homes. Eleven Puppies need Eleven Kids Eleven Puppies need Eleven Kids 2013-10-17-Deb 2013-10-17-Brittany Puppy Deb 2013-10-17-Deb2 Brittany Puppy 2013-10-17-Deb2 Brittany Puppy 2013-10-17-Deb3 2013-10-17-Deb3 Brittany Puppy 2013-10-17-Kip 2013-10-17 Kip - Male Brittany Puppy 2013-10-17-Kip2 2013-10-17 Kip 2 - Male Brittany Puppy 2013-10-17-Kip3 2013-10-17 Kip 3 - Male Brittany Puppy 2013-10-17-LaFawnda 2013-10-17 LaFawnda - Female Brittany Puppy 2013-10-17-LaFawnda2 2013-10-17 LaFawnda 2 - Female Brittany Puppy 2013-10-17-LaFawnda3 2013-10-17 Lafawnda 3 - Female Brittany Puppy 2013-10-17-Lyle 2013-10-17 Lyle - Male Brittany Puppy 2013-10-17-Lyle2 2013-10-17 Lyle 2 - Male Brittany Puppy 2013-10-17-Lyle3 2013-10-17 Lyle 3 - Male Brittany Puppy 2013-10-17-Napolean Napolean - Male Brittany Puppy 2013-10-17-Napolean2 Napolean 2 - Male Brittany Puppy 2013-10-17-Napolean3 Napolean 3 - Male Brittany Puppy 2013-10-17-Pedro Pedro - Male Brittany Puppy 2013-10-17-Pedro2 Pedro 2 - Male Brittany Puppy 2013-10-17-Pedro3 Pedro 3 - Male Brittany Puppy 2013-10-17-Rex Rex - Male Brittany Puppy 2013-10-17-Rex2 Rex 2 - Male Brittany Puppy 2013-10-17-Rex3 Rex 3 - Male Brittany Puppy 2013-10-17-Rico Rico - Male Brittany Puppy 2013-10-17-Rico2 Rico 2 - Male Brittany Puppy 2013-10-17-Rico3 Rico 3 - Male Brittany Puppy 2013-10-17-Starla Starla - Female Brittany Puppy 2013-10-17-Starla2 Starla 2 - Female Brittany Puppy 2013-10-17-Starla3 Starla 3 - Female Brittany Puppy 2013-10-17-Summer Summer - Female Brittany Puppy 2013-10-17-Summer2 Summer 2 - Female Brittany Puppy 2013-10-17-Summer3 Summer 3 - Female Brittany Puppy 2013-10-17-Tina Tina - Female Brittany Puppy 2013-10-17-Tina2 Tina 2 - Female Brittany Puppy 2013-10-17-Tina3 Tina 3 - Female Brittany Puppy
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  1. Lucy Chun
    October 29th, 2013 at 02:35 | #1

    Do you have any Brittany puppies available? If so, how much and how soon are they ready for pick up?

    I am interested in a Brittany puppy, male or female.

  2. Lacey Wanner
    November 18th, 2013 at 02:12 | #2

    Do you still have any puppies available? If so, how much? Male or female? And where are you located?

  3. November 19th, 2013 at 22:29 | #3

    I like rico, how much? Tony

  4. Billy Brown
    November 20th, 2013 at 10:51 | #4


    checking with you to see if you have any puppies available.

    thank you

  5. admin
    November 20th, 2013 at 21:38 | #5

    Thanks for your interest in our puppies. All of our puppies are sold for 2013 and have gone to their new homes. We suggest you look at our planned litters for 2014. We have some excellent litters coming up. You may also check for other litters posted on http://www.GunDogBreeders.com.

  6. billy brown
    December 29th, 2013 at 22:44 | #6


    Good evening,
    I want to get one of your puppies(male) in 2014. how do I go about setting that up on line I see that I need to put a deposit down. but where do I put the details about the pup I would like to get? Also I live in San Diego I have a friend that got a dog from you and you met up with him in Las Vegas so that he could get the pup is that still a possibility?

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