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Wait a minute. That’s not a Brittany?

November 17th, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Meg - 8 week old AKC ABCA Border Collie

We are so excited to welcome our new ranch dog and family pet “Meg”. We did quite a bit of research while looking for a great dog to help us on the ranch. We had met a few Border Collies and found them to be quite likeable. They have the intelligence that we have come to expect and appreciate. We especially wanted a dog that could be exclusively for the kids as a companion and shepherd. Living on 1200 acres presents some new challenges and chores. One of those is keeping our children safe and sound. The kids love to play and romp in the woods, but with mountain lions and coyotes as neighbors we felt like a working dog would be a great fit.

We tried it for a few weeks with the Brittany dogs, but they have too much desire to eat the gamebirds and poultry that we raise here on the ranch. After a few unfortunate incidents we decided to find a pet with not so much prey drive. Our Brittany dogs still get to guide pheasant hunts and do what they love, but they don’t roam free. With all the open space we feel like we still have one of the greatest places and situations to raise bird dogs. We are hoping Meg can even help herd and catch pheasants as we have seen others do with Border Collies. If nothing else, the kids are excited to get a puppy that can be all their own. Dad hogs all the Brittany dogs for himself.

Meg is coming to us from a fine breeder in Michigan. We have found Melissa at Haven Creek Farm to be great to work with. We will post more pics when Meg arrives via Delta airlines this week.

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  1. Jennie
    January 29th, 2014 at 19:47 | #1

    Hello, Jon! How’s life with Meg? I saw some lab puppies this afternoon for Jason’s son. They were adorable but nothing can compare to your Brittanys. We are looking forward to our newest family member this summer. We already have a name for her, too. Take care! Jennie

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