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4 Week Old Brittany Puppies

November 9th, 2009 No comments
4 Week old brittany puppies on solid food Between 3 and 4 weeks the puppies will have their teeth coming in enough to start eating solid foods. At first I add a cup of hot water to make a kind of mush with out of their high protein puppy food (I feed Black Gold 30/20). I am always amazed at how they know just what to do. The only problem is they seem to eat with both front paws in the food dish. This can be a very messy part of raising puppies but it is fun to watch. They are getting around pretty good and starting to venture out of the whelping box during the day. Now that the pups are starting to eat they begin to poop and momma quits cleaning up after them. I line the whelping box with newspapers and change them out daily, if not more often.
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