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Annie Oakley – Quail Introduction

July 11th, 2013 No comments
Annies First Quail Retrieve Annabella's Annie Oakley is doing really well with her bird dog training. She is a fine brittany female and we are having a blast with her training. She loves birds and had her first bobwhite quail exposure this week. Annie has a good nose and is showing great signs of intelligence in her search patterns. She covers a lot of ground and hunts objectives. We feel that frequent and early bird exposure is crucial to raising good bird dogs.

Lizzy X Tucker Puppies

May 17th, 2013 No comments
Lizzy whelped a beautiful litter of 10 healthy brittany puppies on Thursday, May 9th. There were seven liver brittany puppies and 3 orange and white pups. 7 male brittany puppies and three females. They have had their tails docked and dew claws removed by a vet. Note: All puppies are spoken for. Hover over thumbnails for puppy names.

Starting your Brittany Right

December 15th, 2011 No comments
Turbo Pointing Pigeon Nothing is more fun than bringing home a new bird dog puppy. It marks the beginning of a 12-14 year relationship with mans best friend. Your new dog will be loyal and a pleasure to own if you get things started in the right direction. The foundation of the first year will effect the outcome of the entire structure, much like building a house. If your foundation is shaky, so will your dog be. If your foundation is strong and well-built, as will be your dog. Here are a few ideass to help you get started right. The first few weeks can sometimes be the most trying but can also be the most enjoyable. Potty training and basic obedience are often the main focus during this period. We prefer the "crate training method" when house training your young dog. Giving your pup his own private den will help a lot in laying the ground rules in your house. Dogs need a place to retreat for comfort and security. They rarely soil this den so it is very helpful with potty training. We believe the best thing you can do for your puppies first 6-12 months is socialization. The more people, animals, and environments you can introduce him to, the better. Everything should be fun and positive during this time period. Try to avoid high pressure situations and set your puppy up for success. He is going to make mistakes, relax and don't make a big deal about it. Enjoy this time with your puppy. This is also a great time to introduce your dog to birds. Pigeons and quail are best because they are smaller and less intimidating. The goal is to build prey drive and confidence in your young bird dog. He will learn that birds are fun, they smell good, and they are fun to catch and carry around. Pointing will come along in due time. Some trainers let puppies chase and flush birds till they point on their own. While others begin holding the puppy on point with a check cord after they become confident around birds. You can't make a bird dog without using birds in the training process. If you want lot's of bird dog, then you should use lot's of birds. The time you invest now will help produce a well mannered brag dog when your dog is 4-5 years old. The number one mistake new bird dog owners make is rushing the first year. They want the dog broke to wing and shot at 6 months old. It is not gonna happen. And you will ruin a great dog in the process. Relax, let him be a puppy and enjoy the first year. Take your time.

Hunter goes home to Alberta, Canada

November 21st, 2011 No comments
Brittany Puppy Hunter Home In Alberta, Canada You just never know where Annabella Brittany puppies are going to end up. Hunter was the only male in a litter between Buster and Sadie. He has found an excellent home in Canada with a lot of room to roam. I took a little road trip to meet the new owners in Idaho for the exchange. We are always so happy to find just the perfect homes for our brittany puppies. A short note from his new family.
"Hunter is already twice the size he was when i picked him up, he grows fast. He got his shots up dated yesterday and did not care much for it. Thank you again for him we all just love him to death. My husband Karl started running with him, he has a ton of energy. He already runs about 8 kms before he starts to tucker out. Thanks again we will send you some more pictures again if you like."

Proven Hunting Parents

October 10th, 2011 No comments
Buster Sadie Pointing Quail Only 4 weeks after whelping her first litter of puppies I thought Sadie could use a day in the field. We have some bobwhite quail recall pens at the training grounds and it is a blast to let a dozen quail out for these experienced adults. Buster and Sadie didn't take long to locate the small covey and pin them down in thick cover. Both of these parents of our last litter are proven hunting dogs with great noses. They both retrieve to hand and are great around my kids. If you want to know what your puppies are going to turn out like, there is no better indicator than meeting the parents. You get a great snapshot of what to expect in size, temperment, color, obedience, handling, hunting instincts, etc... If you are considering buying a bird dog puppy, I highly recommend taking the time to meet the parents.

Brittany Puppies and Pumpkins

October 4th, 2011 No comments
Pumpkin Brittany Pups Our latest litter of brittany puppies are getting to that fun stage around 4 weeks old. They are starting to romp and play and their little personalities are beginning to blossom. We have two liver and white puppies available from this litter, one male and one female. Should be excellent foot hunting dogs as well as family companions. They are getting plenty of socialization from my seven children. Feel free to email or call us if you are interested.

Liver and White Brittany Pup Goes Home

December 7th, 2009 No comments
Liver and White Female Brittany Puppy

Liver and White Female Brittany Puppy

This weekend the pic of the litter went home to her new family in Wyoming. Forrest (Necha's Father) drove more than 20 hours in a weekend to surprise his daughter Necha with the new puppy. The liver and white puppy was the pic of the litter and Necha decided to name her "Maple". We are thrilled that she is in a loving home where she will be with a family who enjoys hunting gamebirds. Necha is getting ready to take hunters safety and is excited about hunting next year with her own pointing dog. This puppy seemed to be the most well-balanced of the litter. A real people lover but also quite adventurous and bold.
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