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Annabella’s Doc Holliday

July 17th, 2013 No comments
Brittany Male - Doc First Point 6wks Doc was the standout puppy from our recent Lizzy X Tucker brittany litter. He has shown great bird drive and pointing instincts. He did very well on his bird introduction at the training grounds and was always searching the perimeter for more birds. We like his looks and his personality. He is going to be a heavy liver roan color like his sire Tucker. He is calm and easy going around the house and good with the kids. But, he shows a ton of drive in the field. Doc Bird Intro 6wks - Liver Roan Brittany Puppy In the litter photos he was known as PigPen and since we decided to keep him we have renamed him Doc. His official registered name will be Annabella's Doc Holliday after the famous gunslinger in the old wild west. We look forward to watching Doc grow and develop as he continues his bird dog training.

Annabella’s Blazing Bandit

January 24th, 2012 No comments
Bandit in Hot Pursuit We are proud to welcome the latest addition to Annabella Kennels. Bandit come to us from Dave Walker kennels in Idaho. Bandit is a direct son of the late DC Chick's Blaze'N Sawtooth Sam, JH who was by NFC Beans Blaze HOF. This is very well bred young brittany puppy who we hope to groom into a dual champion and foundation stud dog. He has been a joy so far and is loving his birds. He had a natural retrieve to hand the first time out and is very intense on birds. We hope to campaign Bandit in both field trials, AKC hunt tests as well as show competitions. He has the pedigree and the makings of greatness.

Hunter goes home to Alberta, Canada

November 21st, 2011 No comments
Brittany Puppy Hunter Home In Alberta, Canada You just never know where Annabella Brittany puppies are going to end up. Hunter was the only male in a litter between Buster and Sadie. He has found an excellent home in Canada with a lot of room to roam. I took a little road trip to meet the new owners in Idaho for the exchange. We are always so happy to find just the perfect homes for our brittany puppies. A short note from his new family.
"Hunter is already twice the size he was when i picked him up, he grows fast. He got his shots up dated yesterday and did not care much for it. Thank you again for him we all just love him to death. My husband Karl started running with him, he has a ton of energy. He already runs about 8 kms before he starts to tucker out. Thanks again we will send you some more pictures again if you like."

Working with Puppies

June 2nd, 2010 No comments
Bubba and Hannah One of my favorite things in dog training is starting a young puppy. It is such a joy to watch their instincts come to life and see them blossom before your very eyes. Most bird dogs have the natural ability to be a good hunting companion. It is a rare brittany that does not have these instincts deeply ingrained. My kids love to help with the naming of young puppies. Hannah and me decided to name this big boy "Bubba". We brought him home with his sister "Lexie" to start in our gun dog training program. Both puppies have strong pointing instincts. Lexie is pictured below pointing a wing on a string. She is quite a bit smaller than her brother Bubba but she makes up for it in attitude. We will be training both of these pups to sell in the fall to hunting homes. They are AKC registered and are up to date on their shots. Lexie Pointing

Tri-color Brittany Female

January 26th, 2010 3 comments

Polly - Female Tri-color Brittany

This is Lizzy's sister and littermate Polly. She became available to me because her tri-color markings came in too heavy to be in show competitions. She has good bird drive and loves to get out and run. She moves well and holds her tail nice and high. She is currently in training with my personal friend who wanted to try a Brittany after years of shorthairs. We will try to get some pictures of her dog training.

Puppy Update from Arizona

December 29th, 2009 No comments
Bailey Brittany Puppy in Arizona
Brittany puppy Bailey in Snow Kansas City

Brittany puppy Bailey in Snow Kansas City

We got these pics via email of Bailey and her holiday adventures. Bailey spent christmas with her family in Kansas City where she got her first introduction to snow. Anita says Bailey is settling in nicely and loves to play outside. She mentioned a problem about biting. It is important for puppies to have chew toys that they are encouraged to bite and chew on. Anytime a puppy tries to bite a person or something they are not allowed to chew, a correction should be made. They key is to set your puppy up for success not failure. We know that when puppies are excited they are more apt to bite or play rough, this is when we should have their chew toy handy to direct their attention and sharp teeth.

Liver and White Brittany Pup Goes Home

December 7th, 2009 No comments
Liver and White Female Brittany Puppy

Liver and White Female Brittany Puppy

This weekend the pic of the litter went home to her new family in Wyoming. Forrest (Necha's Father) drove more than 20 hours in a weekend to surprise his daughter Necha with the new puppy. The liver and white puppy was the pic of the litter and Necha decided to name her "Maple". We are thrilled that she is in a loving home where she will be with a family who enjoys hunting gamebirds. Necha is getting ready to take hunters safety and is excited about hunting next year with her own pointing dog. This puppy seemed to be the most well-balanced of the litter. A real people lover but also quite adventurous and bold.
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