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Early Puppy Socialization

November 29th, 2011 No comments
2wk Puppies Morgan KinnyOne of the things we are proud about is that our brittany puppies are extremely well socialized. They are handled daily from their first hours of life and this makes a big difference. A well socialized puppy is a puppy that is ready for anything. By the time our puppies go home at 7-8 weeks old they have been introduced to many new things. We take them on walks, they meet horses, cats, other dogs, people, mud, water, birds, noises, bugs, bikes, etc... We take them for rides in the car. We get them used to a collar and a leash, loading into a dog crate. More time with kids and meeting strangers, playing with them and retrieving toys. The results? You get a well-adjusted brittany puppy that is ready for anything. A confident puppy that is ready to learn and grow with you. An Annabella Brittany Puppy.

Puppy Introduction to Birds

October 21st, 2011 2 comments
Hunter Bird Intro Quail This is just one of my favorite phases of training a bird dog. The bird introduction is so important in getting a young puppy excited about birds and hunting. It is a pure joy to see the light come on as you put the first feathers in front of them. They catch on real fast that birds are wonderful and very tasty. I like to use a small quail in the beginning. If using a live bird be sure to hold the wings securely. You can use a wing as well to get them used to the smell. It doesn't take long before they want to mouth it and hold it. Then before you know it they are retrieving pigeons. Cody Retrieves Pigeon
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