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Dave Walker Bird Dog Training Seminar

February 18th, 2013 No comments
Jon at Dave Walker Training Camp Dave Walker is one of my bird dog training heroes. We have had the pleasure of hosting his bird dog training seminars in our area for the past several years. He is one of the most successful pro trainers and field trial competitors still alive today. He has that uncanny ability to read a dog's body language and understand what they are thinking. This puts him head and shoulders above the rest as I think reading a dog is the most important skill to acquire in bird dog training. You have to know when to back off, or when the dog is ready to kick it up one notch. Dave Walker can do it, flawlessly. Join us this summer for our 2013 Utah Bird Dog Training Camp. Dave Walker will grace us with two solid days of bird dog instruction and hands on classes. Dave Walker uses live birds in his training and prefers to work with you (the handler) and your dog as a team. He will save you a lot of time and trouble and can even help your through those training trouble spots. He will be going over steady to wing and shot, force fetching, backing and honoring, and introduction to birds and gun. This seminar is for all ages and skill levels, puppies to finished dogs. Don't miss out on this chance. Click for more details about the 2013 Dave Walker Bird Dog Seminar.

Sis Going Back to Field Trials

March 8th, 2012 No comments
Sis Pointing Head High Our young female Brittany "Sis" is doing really well. We have had her out on quite a few birds and she is standing nicely. She is such a docile dog around people but when she gets in the field she is dynamite. A lot of energy and a very hard driving dog. She is definitely the biggest running bird dog in our kennel so far. Her brother and litter mate "Tucker" won a few big derby stakes this year in the south. Sis will be heading back to Hideaway Kennels in a few weeks to get back on the field trial circuit with Ben Garcia. He is a great handler and an excellent bird dog trainer. His training DVD titled "First Steps" is all about starting your dog right and having a great first year. Can't wait for him to film his next DVD. Sis will be going for her derby points and then on to be broke and compete in gun dog stakes. We are excited about this young dog. She is the first fruits of our own breeding.

Standing his Birds

February 27th, 2012 No comments
Bandit Standing his Birds Bandit is coming along nicely in his bird dog training. For the first month or two I was planting birds for him and letting him flush and chase birds. Now he is a little older and I am making him stand his birds. As soon as he establishes point I do not let him advance any closer to the bird. If he moves, I pick him up and bring him back to the location of the original point. This really helps in teaching him that he is not allowed to break until I give the release command. When he is standing his birds I make a point to walk out in front of him a little more each time. Now I am able to walk around in front of him and even kick the brush a little bit. I usually have a friend help with holding him as I advance further and further to the front. If he moves or takes a step he goes back to the location of the first point. When I do flush the bird, I make him remain in place and watch the bird fly away. We have started adding in the firing of the blank pistol from some distance. The point being that the birds flushes, and then a shot is fired. Setting up the positive association of gun fire equals birds.

Proven Hunting Parents

October 10th, 2011 No comments
Buster Sadie Pointing Quail Only 4 weeks after whelping her first litter of puppies I thought Sadie could use a day in the field. We have some bobwhite quail recall pens at the training grounds and it is a blast to let a dozen quail out for these experienced adults. Buster and Sadie didn't take long to locate the small covey and pin them down in thick cover. Both of these parents of our last litter are proven hunting dogs with great noses. They both retrieve to hand and are great around my kids. If you want to know what your puppies are going to turn out like, there is no better indicator than meeting the parents. You get a great snapshot of what to expect in size, temperment, color, obedience, handling, hunting instincts, etc... If you are considering buying a bird dog puppy, I highly recommend taking the time to meet the parents.

Lizzy is looking good

May 15th, 2010 No comments
Me and Lizzy Training at 10 mos Lizzy is coming along nicely in her bird dog training. She is standing her birds nicely and pointing with a lot more style. We have a pretty good group that gets together to train dogs with the Utah Bird Dog Club. Training is a lot more fun when you get a group together to help each other and to share information. Lizzy has gone through the gun introduction and is even going to a conformation show in Blackfoot, Idaho this month. We feel like Lizzy is our best shot at owning a dual champion. She is a joy to be around and shows such confidence and style in the field.

Spring Training

March 17th, 2010 No comments
Lizzy Pointing Chukar 8 months The snow has finally melted and it is time to get outside and train puppies. Lizzy is working on being steady to wing. She is a very birdy dog and loves to get out and hunt. I have 50 wild pigeons coming in this week for training birds. Also, there are about a hundred quail in my pens that will be flight ready in a couple months. This should give us plenty of birds for spring and summer gun dog training.
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