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We love to hear from our friends that have taken home Annabella Brittany dogs. Below are a few of the testimonials we have received regarding our kennel and brittany puppies.
Trigger Puppy PhotoSubmitted by: Dean L. on March 13th, 2012 Our pup Trigger has been a great pup to work with. He flew out of the transport cage at 8 weeks with no side effects. Potty trained after 4 additional weeks. Rides in car, and on 4 wheeler at 12 weeks. Strong desire to please. Pointing at 12 weeks, and is a joy to work with on the training table in basement. Beats me down the steps to learn. Adjusted immediatley to 10 month old grand daughter and they are now entertaining one another. Easily, the easiest hunting dog I have had to train, and exceptional personality (Smart dog). I would highly recommend the Annabella Kennels for a Brittany.
Buddy Harmon - ChicagoSubmitted by: Randy Harmon on March 12th, 2012 Buddy, born 4/14/2011, has been a smart, easy to train and healthy puppy. He is liver & white. He enjoys long runs along Lake Michigan’s coast daily, no matter what the weather; which can be extreme here in Chicago! His parents are West Mountain Buster and Annabella’s Dreamboat Annie. It was an extra special treat to see both of Buddy’s parents on Jon Lee’s lovely farm bordering Zion National Park. My son and I drove out to see him at 3 weeks and then my daughter and I flew back out to collect him 4 weeks later. The drive back to Il was just so much fun, really!!! It served as a terrific bonding experience for all three of us. I get the same loving question daily from Ross living in AZ and from Jillian who lives in Italy … How’s Buddy ??? … Lots more calls than ever before!
Submitted by: Jennie on Jan 24th, 2012 It's been awhile and I wanted to catch you up on our little darling. She's headstrong and Jason would say a real pain, but we love her to death.  I cannot imagine not having her.  She's precocious, getting braver by the day, and the most affectionate little critter.  Her 9-week check up went well, she took the shot like a champ.  Next appointment is 2/3; Jason gets to take her to that one. I've started her on simple commands.  "Sit" she got really fast and even responds to just the hand movement.  I have to get on the rest of it, though.  She is so freaking smart!!  I'm goint to lose her if I don't start trying her.  Oh, and she loves the snow.  The first snow around the New Year was a little scary for her, but she quickly learned to get around in it.  We have had 20 inches since Saturday and she bounces all over in it. Hope you are well! Jennie & Jason
Java face11 weeks old Submitted by: Paul Martin on Jan 03, 2012 We found our liver spotted Java online and purchased her late last year. We are extremely happy that this energetic, lovable rascal is now part of our family. Jon was very helpful, open and great to work with. We're quite happy.    
Addy Pigeon Submitted by: Patrick on Nov 08, 2011 What great dogs Jon Lee puts out! Couldn't be happier that I ventured half way across the country to pick up this amazing pup (drove 21 hours from Texas). If you get the chance, make the effort to go get your dog. Jon Lee is living in a little slice of heaven up there. I can highly recommend Annabella Kennels.  
ruby 6mosSubmitted by: Dave Brandos on Oct 17, 2011 Jon was awesome from the beginning when I first contacted him, to selecting the right puppy for my/family needs. He even went out of his way to meet me with Ruby. And even now a year later, if I have any questions or we just want to share some pics or Video of Ruby. I didn’t train Ruby as a bird dog but as a Fly Fishing dog and she is perfectly healthy, unbelievably athletic, happy, well tempered, and a total water dog which was a bonus for a Brittany. I highly recommend Jon and his operation…
Kenai 6mosSubmitted by: Lonnie on Oct 15, 2011 We purchased one of Annie & Buster’s puppies in June 2011. He is a great dog, well socialized, a wonderful companion and family dog, and at 6 months old he is already pointing and has 5 Rough Grouse to his credit!! He is also beautiful, orange/white w/ tons of freckles . Just what we wanted. Kenai looks a lot like his mother, Annie. We will definitely be purchasing another Brittany (from Annabella Kennels) within the next couple of years.  
JosieGrowingUp   Submitted by: Tara Wilson on Oct 13, 2011 We bought a puppy from Annabella Brittany Kennels in July. She is the cutest thing. She has a great temperament and She has a great nose. Jon has great dogs. I highly recommend his kennel. If we are ever looking for another dog we will check with him first. He has top quality dogs.  
Jared Brittany PuppySubmitted by: Jared Moss at Best Gun Dogs on Oct 11, 2011 I have been dealing with Jon Lee and and his kennel for a few years now. Jon takes pride in making sure his dogs are the very best. He knows each one individually. Not only does he hunt them, they are part of his family. Each dog is treated very special. Not only do they look for great genetics they are also looking for the dog that will work best for you. Jon was able to get us a really nice Brittany pup which we have been very pleased with. If you are looking for a Brittany I would recommend his kennel above any other.
Bailey Boone Chukar Hunt   Submitted by: Bailey Gaines on Oct 11, 2011 Took Lightning (as you knew him) now Boone on his first Chukar hunt at just under 6 months old here in Southern Nevada. He made a number of fine retrieves and is beginning to use his nose. We hunted Gambles quail two days later and he did better still. Quality dogs you're pushing there Jon, Thanks.  
Great Basin Banner   Submitted by: Great Basin Kennel on Oct 11, 2011 Jon has an impeccable operation that heavily emphasizes early socialization of his pups, which I believe to be the most important element tool in the development of any bird dog.   Clarence - Great Basin Kennels
Freckles the Water DogSubmitted by: Tom Koch on Apr 27, 2011 I bought a pup from Jon just before Christmas 09. He delivered the pup half way to us. It was a gift for my stepson and he loves her dearly. She has worked very well on the gambel's quail here in southern Nevada. She has solid points and will move if she sees the birds on the move but she keeps the distance and works to not flush them till released. She loves to fetch as well. She has a very good nose and no quit though she knows to 'quit'(settle down) in the house. I have had to train the boys how to not re-enforce bad behavior more than training Freckles. Freck is a strong and solid dog and I think she will be good on chukars in the hills. Thanks again to Annabella Kennels and Jon Lee. Tom Koch
Lexie Head shotSubmitted by: Jeb Lipson on Jan 29, 2011 Lexie my orange and white Brittany is the one true love of my life besides being my new never quit hunting partner. As her first bird season comes to a close I already have a mountain of great memories. She's now almost 11 months old and has already pointed and retrieved us a freezer full of quail and chukar. (and i'm a pretty crummy shot) I'm not a dog trainer, this dog simply hunts in the manner born just like Jon said she would! She has trained herself as I watch and try to guide her. She stays close, holds her points, has a great nose and now she even finds cripples and brings them to hand. She's perpetually small at 29.5 lbs and holding but she makes up for it in attitude and drive!! Plus she is the sweetest house pet one would ever want. Jon is honest knowledgeable and a nice guy with a beautiful family and home. I will soon buy my next bird dog from him and only him period! BTW, Sharon and John a the top of this page, I believe Bubba is Lexie's big brother?
Bubba and HannahSubmitted by: John and Sharon Byers on Jan 19, 2011 When I contacted Jon we had just lost our 14 year old Springer. He set just the right tone of condolence since, as a long time breeder, he had dealt with loss. Incredibly he had one three month old male Brit available. We made arrangements to have a horse sitter, got the car serviced and were ready to make the 250 mile meet and greet trip. The night before we were to leave Jon called and said his best friend and family were going to vacation in Durango and could they bring "Bubba" to us. In the Cortez Walmart parking lot it was love at first kissie face. Rusty AKA Bubba is a sound, good moving, intelligent and fearless companion. He likes birds but thinks we are his litter mates. We don't plan to hunt but know we could find most any flying morsel within a mile if we did choose to go hunting. Our thanks and gratitude go out to Jon Lee for his integrity and compassion. Sharon and John Byers, Cortez, Colorado
Hunters Got Em   Submitted by: Mace Crane on Jan 06, 2011 I had the great opportunity to spend some time training my dogs with Jon. His training methodologies worked really well for both of my dogs. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a professional training service.  
Annies RoostersSubmitted by: Justin Alvey on Nov 06, 2009 I have hunted with Jon several times now and have only had exceptional experiences. I have hunted with him and Annie and was very impressed with the quality of the dog. Jon has put time and effort into his dogs and it pays off big time when she is out front. The dog (Annie) I hunted behind is very well mannered and would never quit.  
Buster Point Sue BacksSubmitted by: Rich Lowe on Nov 05, 2009 I used to own the stud of this litter (Buster). He is awesome, if the pups get his personality and bird finding desire they will be awesome. Buster has a great nose. If I took several dogs out and planted a quail and my other dogs could not find it, many times after trying for sometime, I'd let Buster out, and most of the time he could find it. These pups should be wonderful pets, and hunting machines. Rich  
Abby Pointing QuailSubmitted by: Cheryl Matthiesen on Nov 04, 2009 Hi, I have met Jon personally and his operation. We also have gotten two dogs from him. Jon is a great guy to deal with and very up front on any issues. You don't have to worry about him telling you something that isn't quite the truth! I would recommend Jon as a breeder to anyone interested in hunting dogs!! Cheryl - Idaho Hunting Dogs  
Annie Chris Colt TrainingSubmitted by: Chris Colt on Oct 27, 2009 I can vouch for Annie’s hunting abilities. She is an excellent field dog. She is a smaller (shorter) orange and white brittany with a great personallity, is good around kids and other dogs and has a strong bird drive. Similarly, Buster has proven himself in the field on both pheasants and quail. Contact me if you would like a reference. Chris Colt Cove Mountain Kennels
  1. Pam and Dean Blackwell
    December 7th, 2011 at 22:52 | #1

    Thanks, Jon for such a wonderful puppy. Cody has quickly become a member of our family…can’t imagine not having her as a part of our lives. She’s smart, affectionate, full of energy, curious, loves kids, and is even comfortable in a crowd. Can’t wait for her to experience some local birds. She has Buster’s long legs and the softest, silkiest coat. She’s going to grow into a beautiful dog!

  2. Dean & Pam Blackwell
    October 21st, 2012 at 15:04 | #2

    Jon — Have to update you on Cody One Dot — Dean took her on her first bird hunt yesterday (opening day here in California). She did great — locked in on birds from the start. Remembered everything Jared taught her in training last Spring. Dean says that he and his hunting friend would have limited out if they were better shots. Dean came home with 8 birds and a very happy little brittany! They will be going out again this afternoon.
    So happy with her. She’s a wonderful hunting partner and a very special companion to us both. Will forward pictures.

  3. January 19th, 2016 at 19:07 | #3

    I’m trying to send you a message to see if I could get a chance to get a puppy please let me know thanks

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